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We took278Days,To try64Kinds of tea,
Origin of fine tea production to render every cup drinks the golden ratio。Time,Let the tea exhibition haun y because of new technology
Explore each drink is worth looking forward to、Taste it

64 kinds of tea have been tried during 278 days,Produced by Taiwan tea to show the golden ratio of each drink。Time makes INCHA refreshed
with a brand new processEvery drink is full of expectation by exploring
Indian tea professional r&d team
Indian tea domestic professional research and development team

Combination of hakata friends with source
Create domestic cost-effective tea brand,Successively serve:Tea is orange
Honey Guo industry benchmarking brand, etc

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Indian tea tea store display
Hangzhou tea to decorate a style
Shenzhen tea to decorate a style
Shanghai printing tea to decorate a style
Beijing tea to decorate a style
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INCHA Indian tea belongs to belongs to hangzhou multi-source chain restaurant management co., LTD,Located in case
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Brand in growing,In order to fit the brand stronger development,Faster with the help of the franchisees
Joining processJoin process
In order to ensure the joining trader's profit and Indian tea brand image,Companies need to sign from consulting
Indian tea tea store display
INCHAThe exhibition in August,2019Au at Shanghai fair,Indian tea
Multiple source2019Tasting in June
2019Au at nanjing exhibition-Multi-source project activities
Multiple sourceSFEShanghai fair
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Multi-source brand will share in February
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