Business area

Yunnan province

  • 2011Years1Month,Sewage processing franchise company for kunming administrative jurisdiction,The main districts of the operating management21A water purification plant。
  • 2014Years3Month,Company to buy100%Equity model in xundian county sewage treatment plant project。
  • 2014Years3Month,Company withBOTThe model of investment should be good county second sewage treatment plant project。
  • 2014Years7Month,Company withTOTInvestment patterns ShiDian county sewage treatment plant、In order toBOTModel the second water plant project investment。
  • 2015Years5Month,Company withTOTModel investment YiLiang County sewage treatment plant project。
  • 2015Years7Month,Company withTOT、BOTThe model of investment malong county water supply and drainage project。
  • 2015Years11Month,Company withTOTModel investment suijiang county sewage treatment plant project。
  • 2016Years5Month,Company withBOTModel investment double river county, the second water plant project。
  • 2017Years6Month,Company withBOTMode of investment should be a good industrial park sewage treatment and supporting pipe network project。
  • 2018Years7Month,Company YiLiang County double river reservoir20In a franchise。


  • 2015Years12Month,Company withTOTModel investment anshun city in guizhou ziyun county sewage treatment plant。
  • 2015Years7Month,Company to buy100%Equity model in guizhou province and maotai renhuai central sewage treatment plant sewage treatment plant。

Anhui province

  • 2015Years10Month,Company to buy100%Equity model in wuhu in anhui province fanchang sun village sewage treatment plant。


  • 2015Years12Month,Company withTOTModel investment brand head zhuji city, zhejiang province town sewage treatment plant。
  • 2017Years12Month,Acquisition of zhuji city dongda dock sewage treatment co., LTD100%Equity stake。


  • 2016Years10Month,Company to buy100%Equity pattern in jiangsu haian pond、Haian fort lee and division three days jacaranda sewage treatment projects。

In hunan province

  • 2017Years9Month18Day,Acquisition of liuyang hongyu water co., LTD100%Equity stake。
  • 2018Years10Month,Acquisition of liuyang hongyu thermal power co., LTD100%Equity stake。

Sichuan province

  • 2017Years9Month20Day,Acquisition of leshan Derby the water co., LTD100%Equity stake。

Science and technology research and development

  • The company with the United StatesHKF Technology L.L.C.Such as scientific research institutions to establish cooperative relations,To research and develop the technology and achievements。

Scientific research and development

  • With the German companyLavaris Technologies GmbHCooperation,In sewage treatment、Sludge reduction technology。

Business cooperation

  • 2015Years10Month,Company and Laos golden triangle zone management committee signed the waterworks、Sewage treatment plantBOTThe agreement。

Social responsibility


  • City beautification

    According to the city of kunming“Water in city、The amount of water”The development of the requirements,Company use in 11 water quality purification plant of tail water quality meet the requirement of discharging standard,To chestwood park、Xihua park、Andy park、Crescent pond park city landscape hydrating, etc,Beautify the city residential water environment。

  • Environmental emissions

    The company in yunnan province and kunmingCOD、Ammonia nitrogen pollutants emission reduction work plays an important role,And with the river standard as the goal,Continuously optimize water quality purification plant tail water main indicators,A repeat of the kunming water shore green river chang qing ecological beauty。

  • Environmental education

    The company belongs to the water quality purification plant as yunnan province、Kunming environmental science education base,By social organizations each year、Enthusiastic people、Students visited nearly more than people, etc,Aims to build an social masses to understand the popular science knowledge of wastewater treatment,To participate in the protection of water environment of interactive platform。

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